Boone County Historical Investigation Services is an organization that exists to preserve, promote and protect Boone County, Missouri history through research, writing, and the collection of historical artifacts.


Marty Paten is the founder of Boone County Historical Investigation Services. His intense interest in American History, American Constitutional Law and Boone County, Missouri history has led him to pursue extensive research and writing on each of these vast subjects. His primary research focus, ranges from 1450-1865 covering the Discovery Period through the end of the Civil War. Mr. Paten’s primary objective is to promote early American History and Constitutional Law emphasizing the theme of “What Made America Great”.   

Mr. Paten’s primary research pertaining to Boone County, Missouri history has included: The Boonslick Trail through Boone County; The Civil War in Boone County; The Centralia Massacre; The History of Brown’s Station, Missouri; The Columbia Branch Railroad; and The MKT Branch Railroad from McBaine to Columbia.                                                                                                                                               Mr. Paten’s Boone County, Missouri roots are deep. His ancestors settled just north of what is now Columbia, Missouri along and near the old Boonslick Trail before Boone County was organized on November 16, 1820. Though born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr. Paten has been a resident of Boone County for most of his life.

Mr. Paten’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather, John Samuel McGee (The Grandson of David William McGee, well known pioneer who traveled with Daniel Boone in the 1780s), helped to build the old North Missouri Railroad from 1857 near St. Charles, Missouri to October 1858 near Sturgeon, Missouri. John’s wife, Millie, served as a cook for the rail-gangs during that time. After quitting the North Missouri Railroad, John moved his family to the Brown’s Station, Missouri area to pursue farming and coal mining. After the Civil War, Mr. McGee was hired as a track laborer to help build the Columbia Branch in 1866 and 1867.

John & Millie McGee 1890s

John & Millie McGee were both employed by the NMRR during the 1850s

Mr. Paten grew up in Brown’s Station, Missouri on land that the Columbia Branch Railroad passes through. Growing up and hearing stories about the Columbia Branch and watching the trains go through his fathers property is what motivated Mr. Paten to pursue the history of this important short line railroad.

CSDT passes through Brown's Station

Currently, Mr. Paten has written a book on the Columbia Branch Railroad entitled, THE COLUMBIA BRANCH RAILROAD. This book is a thorough history of the short line railroad that connects Columbia, Missouri to Centralia, Missouri.

Marty Paten attended Cincinnati Christian College (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Central Christian College (Moberly, Missouri) earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the latter. He is currently employed at IBM, in Columbia, Missouri as their Site Administrator. He and his wife, Lisa,  have four children: Hannah; Andrew; Grant; and Rachel.