The Columbia Branch Railroad

Did you know that decades ago the 21.7 mile Columbia Branch Railroad was one of the busiest branch railroads in the mid-west? At one time up to eight trains per day ran on this short line railroad, which served one University, two colleges and hundreds of businesses. From its initial construction in 1866, to the present, the Columbia Branch has accumulated nearly a century and a half of unusual and fascinating history.

Part One: A chronological history (1836-2011)
Part Two: A mile post to mile post photographic tour

Cover: Hardback: 8.75 X 11.25 (Binds on the 11.25 side)
Cover: GP9 Wabash #491(Cover photo by Frank G.Tatnall)
Size: 384 pages (Color and B/W) Over 960 images!
Publisher: HAGR Publishing
Author: Marty Paten
ISBN 978-0-615-52810-6

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